Koforidua Old Estates and Zongo are reporting coloured water running through their taps

Ghana Water Company is investigating ‘tea-like’ water running from the taps of Koforidua Old Estates and Zongo residents.

“I entered my bathroom to take my bath this morning and saw it,” Kweku Solomon narrated.

Another resident fumed on social media: “This is the kind of dirty water coming from my tap this morning so if there’s a rep from Ghana water please they should cease the supply of water to Old Estate with immediate effect. Thank you.”

Water flowing from the taps looks brownish in colour.

The management of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) in the Eastern Region says investigations have begun on the complaints, giving assurances.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO), Kwadwo Daase, issued a statement to that effect.

“Investigations and corrective actions are being taken to handle the situation. Consumers are assured of our resolve to ensure that we always serve the public with quality water. The inconvenience caused is deeply much regretted.”

Source: 3news.com


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