Arrests made in connection with flogging of Wa leaked video lovers

The Police in the Upper West Region have arrested three persons in connection with the flogging of the lovers who filmed their sexual act.

The lovebirds were consequently tied to a pole at the forecourt of the Wa Naa’s Palace and flogged by some residents, on Tuesday, May 31.

The officers first arrested 32-year-old Bushran Khidiri, a phone repairer. He is alleged to be one of the young men who forced the young lady in the leaked sex video to the Wa Naa’s palace for flogging.

Later, 70-year-old Issahaku Mahama and 62-year-old Naa Sidiki Mahama, a farmer from Wa-Dobile, were arrested.

The duo are alleged to be part of a meeting at the palace that ordered the flogging of the lovers.

Their arrest followed a meeting between Police and some sub-chiefs from the palace.

The lovers were reportedly beaten because they were seen in a video that has gone viral on social media, having sex.

According to the young men, it was wrong for them to have filmed their sexual act.

They were therefore punished for tarnishing the reputation of the town and for engaging in an act that is frowned upon by Islam.

Reports indicate that the duo was arrested by some young men in the town and taken to the Palace. However, upon their arrival at the Palace, the Wa Naa was absent.

The young men, instead of waiting on the Chief, decided to take the matter into their own hands and delivered a punishment they deemed fit.

The two victims were given 20 lashes each.

Meanwhile, the Police are still searching for other culprits in the abuse of the two victims.

Also, Executive Director of Songtaba and Gender Activist, Lamnatu Adam, has condemned the action of the youth as barbaric and unacceptable.

“In this day of our democracy to have people whipped in this manner is a gross disrespect of their human rights. I think we need serious discourse around tradition, religion and the state, to see which of our laws should supersede what.”

“This is because Ghana is not an Islamic state. Although religion, whether Christianity or Islam does not condone or promote sexual misbehaviour. But this kind of treatment is not acceptable whether in Islam or Christianity.”

Source: Myjoyonline


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