Hajj Board reacts to reports of disunity among members

After the leak of a letter from the Office of the President reprimanding Sheikh I.C. Quaye for illegally appointing a non-member of the Hajj Board as a signatory to Hajj accounts in Saudi Arabia, the Hajj Board has released a statement refuting claims of disunity among them.

Find the statement below:

The attention of the National Hajj Board has been drawn to some alleged media publications stating that there was a ‘One Man Show at the Hajj Board. Secondly, the Chairman of the board Sheikh I. C. Quaye has ‘snubbed’ His Excellency the President.

The board regards these statements as unfortunate and lacking any merit and must therefore be disregarded.

The board has worked very hard in unity and amity since 2017 to fulfil the mandate and objectives assigned by His Excellency the President Nana Akufo Addo. We have delivered over the years the best Hajj in the history of Hajj in Ghana to the admiration of all and sundry.

The relationship between the President and Sheik I. C. Quaye has always been cordial and respectful and shall remain so. Any attempt to blur this reality is bound to fail.

The writers of these stories without malice misread misinterpreted and misjudged the happenings at the Hajj Board.

If the writers of these stories had followed the time-tested journalistic principle of cross-checking their information as contained in the GJA Code of ethics, this misinformation drive could have been avoided.

We the members of the board are not oblivious of the fact that “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

The members of the board are therefore calling on the General public to disregard these publications.

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